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No, downloading the application and access to the website is free. You only pay as a user to the Pro who optionally requests to charge for the consultation.
Of course you can. Through our question shuttle within the user profile. All users will be able to send mass messages to the Pros. And the latter in turn can answer and be evaluated based on their answers.
Access, interact, evaluate, follow, give your opinion and help create a ranking of the Pros specialists. There is no single ranking since you will be able to order according to the criteria of followers, likes and number of contacts made.
Of course you can. In fact we make it easy for you. Tell us what area and specialty, send us information that will help us place you within this specialty, create content, and optionally mark the price of the consultations.
Please indicate an account number and the payment will be made through the payment platform detailed in the terms of use. Generate a balance and the money will be sent when you decide. Start generating returns to your knowledge in a fast and direct way.
What do I do if the Pro doesn't answer me quickly?

There are faster pros and slower ones. There are paid pros and free ones. There are no time rules, just a willingness to answer and help. You always have the option to close the conversation initiated and score.

Can I share my position in the ranking of the specialty?

Of course you can. And we recommend it. Become a pro in a specialty based on your dedication and connection to users.

How can I register as a user and as a Pro?

Very easy, in the case of a user, with a name, surname/s, email and password. For the Pros we look at it a little more ... :) always oriented to know you a little more within the specialty.

How many specialties can I have as a Pro?

One. That's what specialization is, specialization. If you don't find yours, tell us in the customer service chat and we will study to incorporate it.

How can I unsubscribe?

Easier than signing up. Tell us your decision in the customer service chat. We will be very grateful if you tell us why you are improving the platform day by day.

What is the difference between this application and other professional applications?

It acts more as a professional platform than as a social network. Its aim is to put knowledge providers and demanders in contact, allowing the former to put their professional knowledge to good use, and the latter to obtain immediate answers on a wide range of subjects.

By publishing my own content, do I give ownership of it to the application?

No. Each user is responsible and owner of his or her publications, and we act as a platform for promoting and putting users in touch with each other. We are very aware of the ethics of conduct described in the platform.

What can I do if I have a problem with another user?

We offer you the possibility to block a certain user, but also to report a post for different reasons. In addition, you can always contact us with any questions. Your opinion is very important to us.

How does the platform use user data?

We comply with the current regulations on privacy and data protection. Our objective is to make a platform of confidence for the exchange of knowledge, of mutual help between users of different subjects.